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ATB AUTO: Bienvenue


you can reach the French market easily

total confidentiality

our marketplace is the place to be to sell your vehicles

We ensure the privacy of our supplier regarding its compagny name & country location. 

Vehicles are posted on line without VIN. Pictures you provide us are not used on our website.

Your Marketplace vehicles are promoted on line exactly as ours, same data, same design of car description : you can't tell the difference !

Eamilings focused on your products are also sent to all of our clients which means they're seen by 15 000 car dealers. 

marketplace - fournisseurs.png

optimal visibility

a very popular website in France

12000 French car dealers registered on our website 

2500 unique visitors each month

600 unique visitors each day

15000 emailings sent every day to car dealers


optimal visibility

our 600 websites network


We set up websites designed with our client's brand image. They are visited by more than  500.000  individual customers each year. Our stock is instantly updated after each buy/sell 

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